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How to Reduce Body Fat Percentage in Men

Reduce Body Fat Percentage in Men

Reduce Body Fat Percentage in Men

Your body requires some degree of fat for normal functioning. Physical activity and eating well beyond your energy needs leads to the storage of excess fat, which can pose a problem in terms of aesthetics and physical health. Men tend to store this fat in the mid and upper body. No magic tricks exist for reducing body fat percentage specific to men, and you must commit to following the basic tenets of healthy weight loss. Reduce the urge to restrict calories severely; this causes your body to store more fat later on.

Step 1

Exercise at a moderate to vigorous pace for at least 30 to 45 minutes three to four days a week.

Step 2

Add strength training to your fitness routine about twice a week. Strength training increases muscle mass. More muscle equals a higher metabolism and increases calorie burning throughout the day.

Step 3

Reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages. Research has shown that drinking beer and other types of alcohol increases belly fat, a particularly problematic area for men.

Step 4

Eat at least 10 times your lean body weight in calories and no more than 15, says professional bodybuilder and personal trainer Anthony Ellis, writing for Chet Day’s Health and Beyond Online. To determine this number, you must know your weight and body fat percentage. Numerous websites offer calculators to help determine this information, or you can usually get a reading at your fitness center.

Step 5

Consume at least five to six smaller meals daily rather than fewer larger ones. This will keep your metabolism strong and reduce the chances of overeating due to hunger.

Step 6

Prepare lighter meals in the evening. You do not move around as much come nighttime, and you will burn fewer calories. Use salad and vegetables to fill up your plate rather than heavy items like pasta, rice and potatoes.

Step 7

Aim to lose no more than 1 to 1.5 lbs weekly, says Ellis. Losing more than this usually means losing muscle rather than fat.

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